Happy Brigid's Day: Welcome the growing light!

Light a candle to celebrate the longer days -- and the growing creative light within us too.

Now, midway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, we can see the growing light, notice  the longer days. This makes it easier to believe that winter's hibernation and rest will soon be over.

Our dreams and inner stirrings of creative projects will soon be ready to "plant" in the outer world. It's wonderful and wise to celebrate planting these seeds well  in advance. Mario Martinez, in his wonderful book, The Mind Body Code, suggests making "pre-celebrations" a frequent ritual. I love this idea.

Brigid's Day

This ancient holiday is called Brigid's Day in Ireland, and I'm fond of this name because Brigid is the patron saint of blacksmithing -- my art medium before I became a heart painter. I named and decorated my "Little Giant" power hammer Brigid in her honor. Of course, before becoming a saint, Brigid was a Celtic goddess. Yes, I'm a Christian -- and also a feminist and earth-loving pagan.


This holiday, starting at sundown Feb. 1, takes other names besides Brigid's Day. "Groundhog Day" grew out of it, of course -- a pale shadow by comparison with the more ancient rich traditions. Among neo-pagans, it's often called Imbolc. When Ireland became Christian, the goddess Brigid became St. Brigid. In the fifth century, the Christian church adapted the holiday to Candlemas (or Candlemass).

I say, the more celebration, the better! It's all about the inner and outer light on which our lives depend.

Feel free to share and celebrate your own stirrings of new dreams and projects here. Your comments are welcome.