Acrylic Paint in a Carpeted Room?

I had my doubts about painting with acrylic in a carpeted room. It helps that the carpet is old, stained and worn. Some dribbles of colorful acrylic paint might just be an improvement.

Easy solution to protecting carpet

Found an easy solution to painting in a carpeted room: butyl-backed canvas drop cloths. I found the best buy at Cheap Joe's: "Leakproof Canvas Drop Cloths." I got three of the small 5x5-foot size, so each one is light in weight and I can move them around as needed. At $8 each, they were a bargain. Usually I only need two of them.

They're listed as "not dryer safe" but so far, I've had no problem if drying them on a low setting.

I also laid in a roll of the kind of paper builders use to protect floors while doing remodeling. So far, haven't needed that. (My life partner joked that I am the Queen of Excess, and she had a valid point!)

If you've been thinking about painting but live in a carpeted home, think again! There's an easy solution. I hope you'll feel encouraged.

Note: I don't have any affiliation with Cheap Joe's, or any other art supply store for that matter. I do have an affiliate relationship with, but it takes extra time to make the links in a blog post so I usually don't bother. If there's a link that gives me money if you click on it and buy, I'll be clear about it.