A Jubilation of Crows

Right after I finished burning my Vision Board, I heard a jubilation of crows in the woods east of the cabin. I love this sound. It reminds me of freedom and joy, because I first heard it when I was a child running through woods back in Illinois. I had escaped from Girl Scout camp to do a wild running excursion on my own, just to gaze at the forbidden quarry. Along the way, the crows cheered me on.

Today I became free of the vision of my heart painting life that I had created in January, 2009. It was a lifetime vision, really. It was a beautiful collage and there was nothing exactly wrong with it: all good things. Except that it was my vision of success as a heart painter, and not God's. God never told me to let it go or to judge it. It's just that today I realized that in some way it had already gone, and was just hanging around unneeded and in the way.

I pondered: fire or water? Decided on both: cut the big mat board covered with photos and words, into pieces small enough to burn safely. Then scatter the white ashes in the stream to meander into the river and perhaps, into the ocean.

As I finished burning the last piece, I glanced at the tall votive candle with the picture of Jesus on it. "Over to you, now. You're fully in charge." I felt so free....and then heard the jubilation of crows. Sometimes it's possible to do a small something that makes all of nature rejoice.