Radical Revisions Underway

Already I've lost a subscriber. Could be coincidence and have nothing to do with "coming out" as a Christian artist. I admit that it shook me. Wouldn't it be better to just talk about "spirituality" and not be so specific about my own path? Six months ago I could have done that. Now, so much is changing in me and in my life that it doesn't seem like a viable choice any more. Or it's a choice I've already made and now need to live out. 

This is the first day after releasing my personal vision of "heart painting success" in favor of -- how can I put it -- fully acknowledging Christ as King of the heart painting studio and mission. Whew. OK. (These days it seems easy to talk about sex and money, more challenging to talk openly about spirituality and religion.)

Changes will be happening daily and I won't be surprised if I make a change to the website one day, get terrified overnight and change it back -- and then redo it again. It's all OK.

Just now I looked at the signature line on my emails, and the tag line on the site: "Love in Color." It's kind of like the old Vision Board: it's "sort of it" and -- not really. So -- then what is it about? First thought: "Paintings for Opening to Love." This shook me up enough to make me think it could be worth posting, so I'm making that change now.

This is Advent and winter -- a time for quiet expectation and nurturing roots. I'm doing my best to move ahead as guided. Sometimes I'm asked to move swiftly -- not a moment's delay. Other times, I'm asked to wait -- not time yet. All good.