Praising three suppliers who saved my show

Taking a few moments of break from matting and framing paintings for the July exhibit, to praise and thank three suppliers who shipped me supplies in time to keep me going. I had checked mats and frames on hand, but had forgotten to check some basic little supplies for archival framing -- certain tapes for hinging the mat to the mounting board, plus an assortment of supplies for mounting the painting itself. These are all important so the mounting is fully reversible later on, without damage to the painting itself. 

I had a few supplies on hand, but would have run out quickly were it not for the prompt shipping of three of my favorite suppliers:

  • -- As a Prime member I can get something overnight (even delivered on a Saturday) for only $3.99. Most shipping is free and takes two business days. This was a big help!
  • -- I lucked into a free shipping sale but would have ordered from them anyway, because I knew they'd ship as fast as they could -- and they did.
  • -- As with Frame Destination, I've always gotten excellent packing and fast shipping from this art supply store. This time, too, they shipped right away.

Thanks to all the people working behind the scenes who are making my exhibit a success. When you look at paintings at an exhibit, it may seem as if it's the painter who's the creator. In fact, a whole community makes the paintings and a whole community makes the exhibit. By July 2 (when I hope to be relaxing with a glass of wine and taking a little rest) -- I'll have many more people to thank.