Opening to Infinite Time

Contemplating a painting can transform the experience of time. A painting can be a doorway to a different world -- if we allow this to happen. We can leave the "measurement world" where clocks and to-do lists reign, and enter a world of rich, deep, and yes, infinite time.

Thick Time

If you’re anything like me, you often experience time as thin -- either rushing by, or dragging along. Then there’s a state of being where time gets thick and deep and rich – like the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. 

Measuring this kind of "thick time" is impossible; it just is. 
It’s as if space/time has opened up. And in this state, we somehow know everything is good. Even if we’re sad or angry, we know it’s good. Very likely, we’re simply ecstatic.


Yes, beloved viewer. It’s ecstasy I want for you. I want you to feel ecstatic that you are yourself! I'm hoping you find a heart painting here that evokes that deep knowing.

Why paintings?

Of course we need people. People can listen to us and give us understanding and love. But people need to sleep, and sometimes get grouchy. A painting can be here for us 24/7.

Contemplate images of the power of love....Choose a painting to keep or give....Meet me....Connect with me....Gather at an event....Find out more about what's going on here. I welcome you with my whole heart.