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gallery representation

My paintings are best seen in person. They're all original paintings, with texture and a certain radiance that can't be enjoyed to the max except in person. So my aim is to attract gallery representation that suits contemplative art. This means collaborating with galleries that provide a calm, peaceful ambiance where it's the paintings provide the thrill. If a visitor can sit down to gaze at the little anam cara desk icons and pocket paintings, so much the better.

If you have a favorite gallery and believe my heart paintings will fit well there, please play matchmaker and recommend me to the gallery staff. Let me know too, so I can follow the gallery's submission guidelines. 

As I place paintings in galleries, I'll add their location on the website here. Many galleries will be willing to ship a painting to you. Of course I also welcome studio visits and commissions. The prices at my studio are the same as at a gallery.


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I also send real postal mail to people who like it!

My life partner, Marge Felder, made beautiful collage cards that I inherited. I have counted them, and if I send one every day, I have enough to last about eleven years. If you'd like occasional "real mail" please let me know by putting your name and address in the form below. (Or you can just email me.)

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Catherine Jo Morgan (Cathy) |  Paintings are signed cjmorgan

Catherine Jo Morgan (Cathy) |  Paintings are signed cjmorgan

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