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Collaborate! how about....

  • A Studio Exchange -- if you're an artist who'd like an art retreat in the woods of northeast Georgia. I'll be ready to do this as soon as I get my new studio fixed up (or maybe you want to help with that!)
  • Exhibitions and workshops -- at all kinds of galleries plus lots of other places where people are apt to need some heartening. Maybe you'd like to show my paintings to your friends, in the comfort of your home!
  • Curating a show together
  • Murals -- Can't you picture hearts on the wall of a waiting room? On the outside of a building? Could be a wow!
  • Interactive projects. I have ideas for interactive artwork -- where the viewer adds initials, names, phrases, maybe lights an LED candle....oh yes! And we can think up projects that involve people in making the artwork from scratch. I have ways to get people making art who thought they never could!
  • YOUR ideas for doing some fun exciting stuff together. Note that I also direct a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Human Development Associates, Inc. So we can develop nonprofit programs and apply for grants. 

want to hear from me?

Of course you can subscribe to my blog; I'd love that if you're up for it. If you'd rather just hear from me when something BIG is in the air -- a studio show or a big sale or I have only six months to live so you'd better grab paintings before prices go up -- sign up here:

I also send real postal mail to people who like it!

My life partner, Marge Felder, made beautiful collage cards that I inherited. I have counted them, and if I send one every day, I have enough to last about eleven years. If you'd like occasional "real mail" please let me know by putting your name and address below. (Or you can just email me.)

Yes, please drop me a line once in a while!

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Catherine Jo Morgan (Cathy) |  Paintings are signed cjmorgan

Catherine Jo Morgan (Cathy) |  Paintings are signed cjmorgan

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