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My paintings are prayers to love more and love better.

Colors or images come to me in a dream or waking vision. Then I listen to the painting as I paint, setting myself aside and asking for spiritual help to make the painting as it wants to be.

Both this process and the finished painting reveal answers to prayer that I didn't consciously want or know to pray.


A transplant from the flat grids of Illinois to the curves of Georgia in 1969, Catherine Jo Morgan’s paintings of hearts luxuriate in delicious curves. Morgan uses intuitive bold color and texture to infuse the heart symbol with spiritual depth. Expressive strokes of brush or oil pastel convey her trust in a spontaneous, open process.

In her first career facilitating personal growth, Morgan learned to trust an open-ended process of deep listening, responding in intuitive imagery without trying to control the result. She now applies the same approach in painting, listening to the painting and working without preconception, to bring each painting to the full life it chooses for itself.


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The Center Gallery, Sautee, GA, 706-878-3300

Formal Education

A.B. General Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, The University of Chicago

M.A. Psychology, Georgia State University


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