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Open Studio at the Cabin - Delayed After Hurricane Irma

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Just kidding about the trees objecting....

Actually, the big tulip polar and the red oak that fell the night of September 18 were kind enough to fall between the cabin and the two-story workshop building. They fell neatly around my car, without giving it more than a little dent. A fabulous neighbor cut a path for the car, and is clearing a lot of the trunks and branches away.

The quality of time

That would now be a tremendous push push push to be ready for a show September 23. I could do that, at the expense of everything the paintings are actually about! So instead of pushing, I'm recentering, calming down, and getting back into the rhythm of painting in a mode of deep listening and joy.

I so wish you the same quality of time! Sending love your way....and making paintings to make awesome love visible, I do hope.

WHEN: to be announced

Note that if you are fine with traversing a woodland yard with lots of loose branches around, you're welcome to come visit now. Give me a call at 706-754-6509 and we can set up a time.  I have wine, root beer, pretzels and M&M candy laid in, along with coffee and tea.


The Stonebank Farm Cabin Studio - 563 Stonebank Road, Clarkesville, GA 30523. (Second drive on the right, on Stonebank Road. Come all the way up the drive to the top of the hill.)

Car pooling is a good idea if you'd like to come with friends. Extra parking is located at 560 Stonebank Road -- Hugh and Valerie Fenlon's circular drive -- on the left just before the driveway up to 563 -- and beside the road just beyond the Stonebank Farm driveway.  

WHAT: New Paintings - "Just the Way You Are"

This show invites you to contemplate new heart paintings right where they're being born. This is the place where Cathy Morgan dreams colors and paints them the next day. This is the place where she wakes every morning to the song, "Just the Way You Are." Every day as she paints, she listens to "Just the Way You Are" as a love song from God. This song of unconditional, forever love is the core inspiration for each of the new paintings.

The Painting Process

All the new paintings are done in acrylic, often with many layers of paint and dramatic changes over time. The painting process is a daily empathic response to the painting as its own self: "What do you want to become?" This same process of facilitating authentic becoming is exactly what each painting wants to do for its viewer: loving the viewer, listening with an open heart, encouraging the viewer to be more and more real, more fully alive.

Soul Friends - "Anam Caribe"

Each of the new paintings wants to be, as in Celtic spirituality, an "anam cara" -- a friend of the soul. Many of these paintings are very small, painted on archival hardboard so they can be set on a tiny easel right next to a computer or bed or any space where soul life is especially challenged by the wider culture. Some "pocket paintings" are even smaller, truly pocket size, to be carried in pocket or bag.

Each painting awaits the viewer who bonds with it -- the person who feels it listening with love, and feels its encouragement. The paintings are left untitled until so claimed -- so that "their person" can name them. This is all about relationship.

Earlier Artwork about Love

Because Cathy's earlier paintings and sculptures have also been about love, she is also bringing out some special work saved over the years. You are invited to contemplate three mixed-media sculptures that integrate paper with forged iron and other materials. Titles: "Take Heart," "Love Goes Everywhere," and "Energy Transformer." You'll also see small fabric-lined paper "chi energy bags" designed for chakra healing and flow.

"Just the Way You Are" - by Billy Joel

I was driving to Atlanta in 2013, for a meeting with my spiritual director. I had the radio off, just coasting along and singing. Suddenly I heard the song, "Just the Way You Are," a song I often sang to my beloved partner, in a totally new way. It was as if God were singing this love song to me -- yes, me -- instead of my singing to God.  

It may have been the lines, "What will it take...for you to believe in me...the way I believe in you?" I was as if thunderstruck. Everything changed from that moment.

Over the four years since then, I've listened to the song so many times. It can still bring tears to my eyes. I've struggled with the theology. What can it mean, that God doesn't believe I've let God down? That God wants me as my same old self? Maybe there's a self that God has always known, that I myself don't know.

You may never want to hear the song that way, as a love song from God. You may have a firm belief that God doesn't exist, that "God" is a human construct, an illusion. Or your theology may counsel against the idea that God loves us as we are.

The fact are some paintings to contemplate, to see if they might offer you hope and courage. It's the paintings that matter, and your relationship with them. The painter is only the matchmaker.

In 1977, Billy Joel released his album titled The Stranger. Listen to Billy Joel perform 'Just the Way You Are'.
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July 12 Quiet Day / Workshop in Atlanta, GA
10:00 AM10:00

July 12 Quiet Day / Workshop in Atlanta, GA

In conjunction with the exhibition of my heart paintings, I'm co-leading this one-day "quiet day" workshop with the Rev. Cynthia Hizer, Associate Priest at the Church of the Epiphany in Atlanta. We'll be meeting in a circle of heart paintings, arranged in a medicine wheel!

This event is open to anyone interested. The $30 fee includes all materials, and scholarships are available. To register, call (404) 373-8338. (Registration is open now, but spaces are limited.)

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Heart Paintings - Atlanta GA for month of July, 2014
to Jul 30

Heart Paintings - Atlanta GA for month of July, 2014

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July 2-30 Exhibition of about 60 heart paintings by Catherine Jo Morgan, at the Church of Epiphany in Atlanta. Paintings span the 7-year "Unconditional Love 101" period during and after my life partner's breast cancer, Alzheimer's and ovarian cancer. Using color and the arrangement of symbols, the paintings are about joy, memories, tensions, grief, creating a new life -- and the power of love. 

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